Healthy With Tachyon

Healthy With Tachyon

Healthy With Tachyon by Andreas Jell

Dr. Jell writes about Tachyonized products and how they are best used and applied. The book includes an introduction to the theoretical basis of Tachyons, reports on user experiences, and explores medical and biological information related to Tachyons. A comprehensive look at this new, fascinating, spiritual and scientific technology. In 1988 Andreas began practicing as a body oriented psychotherapist (Postural Integration, Gestalt therapy, Eriksonian hypnotherapy, N.L.P). In 1990 he opened his own multi-modality clinic in Germany, including chiropractic, acupuncture and psychotherapy.

Andreas was certified as a Tachyon Holistic Wellness practitioner in 1996, and as a Tachyon teacher in 1997, teaching over 200 seminars worldwide. He wrote "Healthy With Tachyon" in 1999 and this is available in German and English. Andreas founded the Institute of Quantum Consciousness in 2001 and the "Ewellution Academy" in 2003. Both institutions are dedicated to the integration of tachyon technology and quantuum consciousness into all levels of life. Andreas has created an accredited Master and Ph.D program in Quantum Cybernetics being offered through UISCA.

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