Pachet esențial de protecție împotriva virușilor

NOU Pachet esențial de protecție împotriva virușilor

Pachet de protecție TACHYON 2 (kit) esențial împotriva virușilor

Essential Virus Protection Kit


Brain activation and balance are crucial to thriving in a 5G world, making this a perfect fit in a 5G power pick tool kit.

The best way to keep yourself safe from viruses is to reinforce your immune system before they find you. This kit contains the essential products to do just that. A daily regimen of using these products and practicing good hygiene is key to building your resilience and resistance so contagious illnesses will not take you down when they come calling. There is much wisdom in the old saying “the best defense is a good offense,” especially when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones from viral illnesses. Just use each product as directed and start now – don’t wait for a viral bug to find you first!
Sorry - No product substitutions are available in the virus kits.

Tachyonized Immune System Tonic

  • OS-H20
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Echinacea is an adaptogenic stimulant to the immune system, affecting a variety of viral and bacterial conditions. It is used as the first line of defense in resisting colds, influenza and other viruses by strengthening and potentiating the immune system. It is believed to also be effective in reducing the severity and duration of cold and flu-like symptoms. The herbs in this compound include properties that are cortisone-like, produce anti-tumor activity, and increase production and activity of various components of the immune system.

Tachyonized Virus, Cold & Flu Remedy

  • OS-H10
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Tachyon Cold and Flu is indicated in cases of viruses, colds, and flu, especially when accompanied by congestive nasal and respiratory conditions. This compound is also useful as a strengthening and preventive tonic for those prone to respiratory illnesses.

Tachyonized DHA - Brain Food

  • DHA-1_H
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Whole system balance is essential to staying healthy. Tachyonized DHA is an organic, algae derived organ-specific to the nervous system. It energizes the brain’s Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) helping them move towards optimal balance. A clinical study by the University of North Carolina suggests that DHA aids our immune systems in responding to infections, including the flu. DHA is also a primary building block of the grey matter of the brain and the retina of the eye, and is a brain-youthing tool.

Tachyonized Melatonin Plus

  • OS-H43
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Melatonin is a vital natural neuro-hormone that regulates the daily circadian rhythm in mammals. Melatonin is the most potent known antioxidant. Melatonin has many other vital functions involving the assistance of the immune system to maintain its immunocompetence, and it regulates sleep activity including aspects of REM sleep and sleep efficiency. CBD-ISO helps the Melatonin reach its destination resulting in better results with smaller doses. Combine that with CBD's natural ability to calm and heal the body and you get an extraordinary product that improves your sleep and your overall health.

Tachyonized Pure, Natural Vitamin C - Immune Enhancement

  • OS-H40S
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Tachyonized Pure-CTM is as pure and potent as Vitamin C can be! Our new certified organic camu camu formulation gives you the most powerful, natural, bio-available source of antioxidants known on the planet to help bolster your immune system. Taken regularly throughout the cold and flu season, it can strengthen your resistance to these and similar viral illnesses.

Tachyonized Immune System Tonic



By incorporating Ultra-Disks into any virus treatment, we quickly balance the natural meridian flow thereby enhancing the entire treatment. Generally, you can use the 15mm Micro or Ultra-Disk for all applications. Locate the Cell Points as described below. Determine which Cell Points are the tenderest. Liberally apply Panther Juice or Panther Juice Plus to these points and allow to dry thoroughly. Using Cell-Dotts or surgical tape, adhere the Micro-Disks to the desired point. It is very important to cover the entire spot.


os-20-immune-system-cell-points1-tachyon-product.jpgLocation: Cell Point A is located in the hollows directly below the protrusions of the collarbone.
Benefits: Strengthens the immune system as well as relieves chest congestion, breathing difficulties, asthma, coughing, anxiety and depression.

Location: Cell Point B is located on the center of the breastbone, three finger widths up from the base of the bone.
Benefits: Relieves anxiety, anguish and depression. Boosts the immune system and regulates the thymus.

The Thymus is located two to three fingers widths below the collarbone.

Location: Cell Point C is located two finger widths below the belly button.
Benefits: Strengthens the condition of the immune system and the internal organs.


Location: Cell Point D is located near the spine, off the tips of the shoulder blades
Benefits: This particular Cell Point governs resistance, especially resistance to colds and flu.

Application: Liberally apply Panther Juice to the area and allow to dry completely. Adhere Micro-Disks with Cell-Dotts™.
Duration: Start Cell Point application when you begin using OS-20. Continue wearing the Micro-Disks for two to three days after symptoms have cleared. Reapply at the first sign of imbalance.


For Tachyon trained individuals, incorporating TLC Bars on the TLC balancing points below represents the ultimate treatment combination. TLC bars are reserved for Students of Tachyon Holistic Wellness courses or LWL courses.



Typical Balance Session: Using your TLC Bars, charge each point for 30 seconds energy in. Reverse the flow for 30 seconds energy out. Finish with 30 seconds energy in.


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